Grass, water, and sunshine are the three basic ingredients needed to create grass-finished beef, lamb, and pastured pork, poultry and eggs.

Producers in Northeast Iowa are inspired by the benefits of grass-based livestock management and its implications for the land and communities they love. This website is their way of providing information for you about grass fed management and the personal, social, and environmental benefits of grass-based systems and products. It provides a directory of grass-based livestock producers and information about how you can best prepare grass fed food.

Grass Fed Philosophy

Northeast Iowa's grazing producers believe in the holistic benefits of grass-based management. They believe that grass is good for the land, the animals, the consumer, and the community.

About Grass Fed

The Animals

Consumers may think that animal “happiness” is most dependent on the availability of feed and access to pasture, but true animal comfort is most dependent on management. Good management considers the amount and quality of Read more…

The Community

Grass fed producers in Northeast Iowa expressed that one of their motivations for practicing grass-based management is the benefit it provides their local economy. Not only do their products help keep their families, neighbors, and Read more…

The Consumer

People want to know where and how their food is raised¬† Foods labeled grass fed provides reassurance of a quality product and real health benefits for consumers. Grass finished products have a different fat profile Read more…

The Land

A recognition of the importance of soil health is growing. Soil scientists and hydrologists are finding that healthy soils can help prevent or diminish the effects of major natural disasters like floods and droughts. Healthy Read more…

Trends Toward Grass Finished Food

Northeast Iowa, located within the four-state Driftless Region of the United States, boasts beautiful scenery with towering bluffs, rolling hills, quiet valleys, cold water trout streams, freshwater springs, and waterfalls Although breathtaking, this beautiful landscape Read more…

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