Driftless Hills Farm

Calmar, IA

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Contact: Andy Boone
Best way to order: Email
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: https://driftlesshillsfarm.com

What grass-fed products do you offer?
100% Grass Fed Lamb
Heritage Pork

About Driftless Hills Farm
We are farming a heritage farm that was donated to the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust to be kept in regenerative agriculture practices specifically for food production. We rotate our sheep using moveable, electric fence as frequently as every other day but often, every few days. In the winter, they will have barn access and outdoor access but not rotated. They will be fed organic hay (grown on farm) and alfalfa. We have our meat butchered at a state inspected locker and packaged for resale. We also offer whole animals when pre-ordered with deposit. We are raising heritage pork that is rotated on pasture and in timber. They eat grass and hay and are fed a certified organic feed that has no soy and no corn. We are hoping to raise our own feed of small grains in the coming years.

The Boone family is truly passionate about local, nutrient dense food. Raising the highest quality meat for our family and our community shapes all aspects of our lives. We believe food is medicine, and the key to longevity. Land and animal stewardship go hand in hand with our well-being and the health of our soils. We strive to always do good practice and continue to learn about current, best practices. Driftless Hills Farm’s pastures and fields are certified organic and we are working on obtaining certification for our animal welfare.