Hawk’s Rest Ranch

Decorah, Iowa

Bill and Cathy Pardee raise 100% grass fed organic Dexter cattle, an Irish heritage breed that produces high quality beef. A market-ready Dexter steer weighs (only) about 800 pounds, half the size of an Angus steer. The smaller size animal enables us to sell one quarter with a net weight of 50-60#, a quantity that a couple can easily store in their freezer and eat in less than a year. We serve customers who want the grass-fed flavor and the health benefits of high omega-3’s, conjugated linoleic acids, and freedom from chemicals. We cut these smaller steaks 1 1/2” thick, making possible a superb steak with a total weight no greater than the less flavorful 3/4” steaks common with larger breeds.

Our cattle move to fresh grass about every other day during grazing season. They eat our own organic hay in winter. Calves nurse for up to a year, growing faster and bonding to their mothers. Our cattle lead happy, healthy, playful lives!

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