Jason Klinge

Farmersburg, Iowa

Jason Klinge operates a mostly cow/calf operation near Farmersburg, Iowa, which he manages using holistic principles.  The cattle are raised on a certified organic farm, where they are fed a diet of mostly certified organic feed.

Jason’s herd is mostly red and black Angus, but since he has seriously begun grass finishing, he has also started to look into genetics from outside the United States where rangeland cattle are the norm. He has started to experiment with integrating genetics from the Senepol Breed, a native of Africa developed on the Caribbean island of St. Croix, for their feed efficiency, heat tolerance, and disease and fly resistance.

Jason works his cattle around the farm through a series of small pastures called paddocks. The grass in each paddock starts out waist high, but when he moves them, the cattle have trampled and eaten the grass down to between 6-10 inches in height. This managed grazing, trampling, and fertilizing helps with the pasture regeneration. Jason moves his herd twice a day utilizing equipment like hot wire and a specialized kind of post called a pigtail posts that make moving cattle more efficient.

Jason is always reading and trying new things to make his operation more efficient, to ensure that he is a good steward for his land and to keep up on the latest management trends. He keeps up with what’s going on in the grass fed industry internationally, nationally and locally, attends pasture walks, and keeps in contact with other grass fed farmers in the area. And he’s not afraid to admit when something isn’t a good fit for his farm, so rest assured that grass fed beef from Jason Klinge’s farm is an ethically, thoughtfully, and sustainably raised product.

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